Baby Face: Thoughts on Saruyama! and Hiyokoi

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The first time Hiyori gives chocolate to Yuushin, they aren’t dating yet giving chocolates to Takumi happen after they start dating, but one is.

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ひよ恋 4 [Hiyokoi 4]

A twenty-two-minute-long movie based on the manga and produced by Production I. Hiyori Nishiyama is a year-old girl who is extremely shy and short. After being hospitalized for a year, due to a car accident, she starts going to high school as a freshman, along with her best friend Ritsuka.

Hyokoi (Yuushin & Hiyori) The Best 20 Anime Films to Watch if you are Bored! TV Time – Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku S01E09 – Go Out on a Date with.

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Now this manga is really a cute one. In her class there is a boy who is very tall and seems to have a lot of friends. After an accident where her panties were shown to the class, she starts making friends and falls in love with Yuushin, but due to her shyness, she does not know how to confess to him. So he ended up being more interested in girls in his game rather than those in real life.

But one day he got a message from his PFP their term for PSP that challenged him if he can really conquer any girl, so. Keima ended up accepting the challenge. Retuning to the summary:. So Keima gonna conquer a lot of girls with different attitudes and personality which really made the manga fun to read and exciting, the story progress like that but then comes the biggest twist of the manga that made it even more interesting. Instead of capturing souls it turns to gathering Goddesses.

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Hiyokoi – Kou and Hiyori

This is one of the most adorable reads in such a long while. I fell in love with it and you will too. My manga reading game has picked up majorly in the last two months, trying other genres beside romance. Oh my god, go me.

Even though Hiyori doesn’t think she can get along with Yuushin, her friend suggests using him as practice to start opening up! Could Hiyori possibly gain.

Hiyokoi – Kou and Hiyori. By Jade-Pixie Watch. I actually had scanned my own version of this panel, but something went wrong in one of the programs I was using and it corrupted so I settled with getting the English scan from MangaFox and erasing the English to put the Japanese back instead. No idea why I did that, but meh! I bought Volume 4 yesterday, it’s getting posted to me today. So excited! And, maybe, hopefully, soon I will be writing fic for this series.

It’s too cute not to! Published: May 20,

Hiyokoi Chapter 38 Discussion

Enlarge Image. Christmas has come and gone again but I still keep thinking about it. Christmas is about love, being cozy, and warm and the perfect time to indulge yourself in all the heart-throb shoujo stories that leave you with an irreplaceable happiness. Nothing comes easy for Najika attending this prestigious academy but things change when she meets brothers Sora and Daichi.

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Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Forum Settings Forums. Hiyokoi Chapter 38 Discussion. Manga Series Discussion. Title Discussion. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. I wonder what they will talk about. I really didn’t like how she didn’t affirm her feelings for her boyfriend, I can only imagine how he must be feeling. But Yuushin is showing a lot of trust – since he was pretty straightforward and said that he knew Kou was lying when he denied it and he let her go to take care of the situation herself.

Hiyokoi [Hiyori x Yuushin] – Just A Dream