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Providing targeted, effective HIV treatment, care, and support is a global priority, but questions about the best way to do this remain unanswered. Many patients do not receive the recommended standard of care because health systems are not equipped to provide it, or because stigma and discrimination or the cost of care prevents individuals from seeking it. Council research is identifying populations most in need of services, determining which services are most useful, and developing cost-effective means to ensure that these services reach those who need them. The Council is using operations research to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of HIV care and support programs in more than 10 countries to identify the most cost-effective ways to provide high-quality care on a large scale. Past Council research has assessed the feasibility of free, home-based HIV self-testing for health workers in Kenya, for whom HIV is an occupational risk but who often do not seek HIV services because of fear of stigma and lack of confidentiality. As a Link Up consortium partner, the Council conducted research on HIV and sexual and reproductive health of young key populations. Read More.

Schedule of Upcoming HIV-STD Trainings

Visit coronavirus. Sexually transmitted infections STIs are very common among people who are sexually active. Anyone who has sex is at risk, including people with HIV. STIs are infections that are spread from person to person through sexual activity, including anal, vaginal, or oral sex. Other types of STIs include:. STIs in the United States have increased in the past 5 years and are a public health crisis.

Dating can be tricky for women living with HIV. You can still get other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), such as herpes, chlamydia.

Featured studies include only those currently recruiting participants. Studies with the most recent start date appear first. This study aims to evaluate the feasibility and acceptability of AQ and AQ plus medication adherence counseling in a Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomization Trial. Data on up to PrEP users will be evaluated to understand delivery efficiency and in-depth interview with users and delivery key informants will be conducted to identify barriers and facilitators of implementation.

Providing an empathetic talking Avatar source of HIV-related information, motivation, and behavioral skills that is as private and convenient as their own mobile phone might produce a high impact by overcoming barriers to HIV adherence and retention in care such as stigma and health literacy. Community Healthcare Workers CHWs , who live in the communities they serve, have the potential to reach patients who poorly engage in their care.

Motivational Interviewing MI is a special type of interactional approach that focuses on improving the person’s motivation to engage in healthy behaviors, such as keeping their clinic appointments and regularly taking medications. In this study, we will develop a mobile health tool that will assist CHWs in two tasks while they utilize MI to assist patients’ engagement in care: 1 follow prompts on the mobile device to deliver MI; and 2 record consented conversations between CHWs and patients so that MI specialists can review the audiotape and provide feedback to maintain the MI skills.

MTN is a cross-sectional study that will utilize questionnaires, including Discrete-Choice Experiments DCE and joint decision tasks, to assess couples’ preferences related to dual purpose prevention DPP products that could be used to prevent unintended pregnancies and HIV infection. Post-survey explanatory in-depth interviews IDIs will be conducted with a subset of participants to explore DPP product-related decisions..

Advances in biomedical HIV prevention, such as the availability of PrEP, will only impact the HIV epidemic if concurrent efforts are made to address the social and behavioral challenges that are associated with achieving sufficient coverage of PrEP among individuals at elevated risk for HIV. The Friendship Bench is an evidence-based depression counseling intervention delivered by trained, supervised lay health workers.

It is proven to reduce depression in the general population in low-resource settings, but has not been adapted to address PND, or enhanced to support engagement in HIV care.

HIV/AIDS & STD Statistics

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. In , health officials in Rhode Island released data showing a dramatic spike in cases of syphilis 79 percent , gonorrhea 30 percent , and HIV 33 percent in the previous year.

Since then, the trend for several STDs nationwide has only gotten worse: According to a September report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were more than 2 million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis reported in the United States in — the highest cumulative number ever recorded. There are a few reasons cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis are on the rise.

For instance, epidemiologists have documented a rise in sex without condoms among men who have sex with men.

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Approximately 76 million people have become infected with HIV since the start of the epidemic. Over the past two decades, in particular, major global efforts have been mounted to address the epidemic, and significant progress has been made. The number of people newly infected with HIV, especially children, and the number of AIDS-related deaths have declined over the years, and the number of people with HIV receiving treatment increased to Still, remaining challenges continue to complicate HIV control efforts.

Many people living with HIV or at risk for HIV infection do not have access to prevention, treatment, and care, and there is still no cure. HIV primarily affects those in their most productive years, and it not only affects the health of individuals, but also impacts households, communities, and the development and economic growth of nations.

State HIV/AIDS Hotlines

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Treatment date; Physician name; Address; Phone number; Other information pertinent to the case. How can I report STDs or HIV to MDH? Any.

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Unexplained cases of enlarged lymph nodes among gay men are observed and studied by physicians and researchers in New York City, including Dr. Mathilde Krim. Michael S. Gottlieb, Joel D. Weisman, et al.

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You may not know the HIV status of your partner. You might not even have been tested yourself. It can be very difficult to talk about HIV status. See fact sheet for some ideas. People in mixed-status relationships face all the same things as other couples. But there are some extra issues:. Try to have open discussions about your desires, your fears, and your limits. Agree on ways of sexual expression that fit with the level of risk you are comfortable with.

Talking to a sexual or relationship counselor can help.

Terms, Definitions, and Calculations Used in CDC HIV Surveillance Publications

This fact sheet contains terms, definitions, and methods of calculation that are commonly applied to HIV surveillance data. The data include persons with diagnosed HIV infection and those whose infection has been classified as having progressed to stage 3 AIDS , and have been reported to CDC by state and local health departments through a given point in time.

Data for the most current year are considered preliminary as they are based on 6 months reporting delay. Due to delays in reporting, CDC recommends allowing for a month reporting delay before including data in trend analyses. Adjusted estimated data: The HIV Surveillance Report marked the transition to presenting diagnosis, death, and prevalence data without statistical adjustments for delays in reporting of cases to CDC. In determining that adjustments for reporting delays were no longer necessary, CDC considered improvements in data quality as a result of the following: availability of additional case information; shorter time for processing duplicates from multiple states; a better system for national data processing.

Training – HIV, AIDS, STIs Training is a major component of capacity building and the STD/HIV Division is Date, Training, Time, Location, Registration.

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